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Sarah Michelle Gellar (April 14th 1977, New York)

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"I think the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is to trust myself and go for my dreams. I got that from my mom."

Happy 37th Birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! (April 14th, 1977)

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BtVS cast wishing SMGHappy Birthday”! (◠‿◠)

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make me chose: anonymous aksed » sarah michelle gellar or sophia bush

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all of buffy  hair queen buffy
   ↪ "She seems like a good leader. Her hair is shiny."

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If we want her to be exactly she’ll never be exactly I know the only really real Buffy is really Buffy and she’s gone who?(requested by raevynn)

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I’ve had a lot of people talking at me the last few days. Everyone just lining up to tell me how unimportant I am. And I’ve finally figured out why.



I used to be so good at this



Willow is so adorable in this scene. Just look at her face in the last gif and all of the things that could have been making noise. 

On an aside, Willow’s hair colour and Buffy’s hair colour were perfect (there were a few times when the high lights were weird in other seasons).

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oh i wish i’d been a
wish i’d been a teen,
teen idle

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Sucker love, a box I choose. No other box I choose to use. Another love I would abuse, no circumstances could excuse. In the shape of things to come, too much poison come undone. ‘Cause there’s nothing else to do, every me and every you.

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New (well technically old) theme. New URL. Let’s do this.


Tweet: I want Season 2!  and let them know! #savethecrazyones

Suggestions use that template, but customize it. For example “I want a @CrazyOnesCBS season 2 the phrase “sister friend” has yet to catch on like it should. @realsmg #savethecrazyones”. Actually give them a reason. That always helps. It adds a personal touch and proves you both watch and care about the show.

Sign this petition. Just because.

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